Your wedding will be a dream and something very special, we are convinced of that! You, your family, friends and many others takes care of that. Our goal is to keep this day as special as it is. So that it remains just as unique in your memory. This creates natural and beautiful pictures. As a couple we understand and value the special moments in a relationship and we would like to record these as memories for you.


Real passion

Our hearts beat for weddings. For us, the accompaniment of your most beautiful day from the "getting ready" to the big party in the evening is a pleasure. You do not only notice that in our uncomplicated collaboration, but also in the result. 

Work as a couple

Since our work in pairs, we photograph the very special moments from two different perspectives and you get the best results of our two photographic styles. 


With our experience in agency photography, we remain silent companions in your reports. You profit from our professionalism and we keep your wedding from the special angles.

Since we are a private couple not only a team of photographers. we empathize with you and your feelings. At the wedding reports and the couple's shootings, as a couple we understand we attach great importance to the interpersonal, so we are pleased to meet you in a personal interview.

We are fascinated by the people we met and are privilaged to take pictures with passion. We are touched by the fact that every couple brings their very own story and shares it with us.


With the packages we have put together a performance overview. This should help to get an overview of which photos are possible in the time frame. Individual points can be added of course or changed by agreement.

Couple package
duration: 2-3 hours
This package includes the following services:

photo shooting

Civil wedding package
duration: 4 hours
This package includes the following services:


group photos

photo shooting

Small package
Duration: 6 hours
This package includes the following services:


group photos

photo shooting

Medium package
Duration: 8 hours
This package includes the following services:



group photos

photo shooting

Option: Getting-ready or party

Big package
duration: 10 hours +
This package includes the following services:

getting ready



group photos

photo shooting


Wedding video
duration: 6 hours coverage
The most special moment of your wedding day complied in a video!

Duration of the Video: 5-8 minutes

6 hours of coverage at your wedding day

Videography with full frame cameras and drone

video editing and post production

incl. music licences for video

additional bookable to your photo packagues!


We're looking forward to hear your personal love story! The contact form is your direct contact method! We love hearing from your!


To get a vison of your wedding plan and the ideas you have, we have created a questionnaire. Which contains important key data about your wedding and it is the basis for our first conversation.You can fill in our online form or download the PDF file here.  

Send us the completed questionnaire by email to hello@roadventures.world .

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

It is important for us to meet you before the wedding! Of course, this also includes an intensive preliminary sessions. The quesionare will not replac the conversation, however will set an initial understanding. You may even get answers to questions you have not yet asked yourself. Everything else will be discussed by Skype or the common introductory coffee.

  • Would you have two photographers?
    Yes, we always work with two photographers of our sessions. This gives us the opportunity to record your special moments from two perspectives. Our photographic styles complement each other. That's what makes our photography so special.
  • Which equipment will you photograph our wedding?
    We use professional full-frame cameras for our wedding photography. On-site we always have several cameras to compensate for any technical failures. In addition, we shoot from a drone, which also allows images from special angles.
  • When do we receive our photos?
    Normally 1-2 days after your wedding, you will get your first photographic impressions, which you can share with your friends. After about 4 weeks, you will receive all images edited by us via a secure link.
  • In which regions are you available?
    We have photographed weddings in Germany, Italy and Netherlands. Traveling is not a problem for us, because we are mobile and we are happy to accompany your wedding in an exotic place. 
  • How long in advance should we reserve?
    That depends entirely on your appointment. In the high season between May and September you should rather not book too short. Generally we recommend booking 3-6 months in advance. 
  • Do I have to pose at the portrait shoot? That's not my thing at all?
    Geht uns auch so! Let's go that way too! We like natural, authentic portraits. They are most likely to arise when you move around informally, flirt, have fun - and forget about the camera. We are specialists in that.